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Here is an article written entitled “Insulated Roofing Sheets Can Help to Reduce HVAC Costs”

Roofing sheets help to protect any living space, while they can also remain a point of vulnerability that allows outside temperatures, both hot and cold to have an impact on comfort in the space that has been roofed over. This vulnerability can be reduced by using insulated roofing sheets.

Insulated metal panels can help to reduce cooling and heating costs in any building, and the degree of insulation will depend on the difference between the ambient temperature outside a structure and the temperature required inside it. Heat travels from hot to cold, and in summer will pass from the outside of the roof to the inside areas, whereas in winter the direction will get reversed. The transfer of heat is mainly through conduction and it is the insulation in the panels that will act as a barrier to the heat transfer. The insulation has a low thermal conductivity and this is what prevents the heat from getting into or leaving a building that has insulated roof sheeting. It is essential that any insulated roofing must be continuous and not have any pockets or gaps that can act to leak heat.

Insulated roofing can also act as a moisture barrier and prevent any dampness from entering into the living spaces. The dampness can give rise to the growth of fungus and mold and cause health problems among children, the elderly and pets. You can also have cooler roofs if the sheeting is made of metal of lighter colors that reflect light instead of absorbing it, as darker colors will do. A well-insulated roof can even reduce the needs for any mechanical system for heating or cooling and this can lead to great savings in capital costs.

It is possible to convert existing roofs to those that are insulated by introducing insulation in batt or roll form between the lower structure element of the roof, generally plywood, and the upper tiles or roofing. This may not work as efficiently as an insulated pre-manufactured roofing sheets, but can still be fairly effective.Insulated roofing panels consist of two sheets, an external one, and an internal sheet. These sheets can be of various thicknesses, depending on the unsupported length that is desired for the sheeting. Standard steel sheets will have thicknesses that vary from 0.4mm to 1.0 mm. you can also have sheets that are made from aluminum, and in rare cases made of stainless steel. Fiberglass or PVC sheets can also be used, though the most common material used for insulated roofing is galvanized iron. A layer of insulation is introduced between the external and internal sheets, and in many cases can help in the bonding between the insulation and the sheets. Sheets can be corrugated, plain, or trapezoidal. These profiles in sheets help them to have a greater strength and rigidity.

Insulated roofing panels can be quite rigid and give a lot of structural strength which allows for roof purlins to have a greater spacing, as roofing length can be increased. They are an ideal solution for roofing that can help to reduce energy requirements in a building.